Global Environment Outlook: GEO-6 Regional Assessment for Africa

May 20, 2016
The Africa regional assessment is guided by the Drivers-Pressure-State-Impact-Response analytical framework toprovide a better understanding of the current state of the region's environment, and explore a number of scenarios that provide an insight of what the future may portend under each of them.The assessment is structured in three main chapters as follows:
  • Chapter 1 sets out the regional context.
  • Chapter 2 establishes the state of the environment in the region clustered under four key themes (air, land, water and biodiversity), and analyses key state and trends for various environmental issues affecting Africa, while also describing the policy response. The chapter also discusses policy effectiveness, with a particular focus on the conditions that enable the success of some policy actions.
  • Chapter 3 covers the outlook, with a focus on a set of four possible future scenarios for Africa, and suggests possible policy options necessary to achieve a more sustainable future.
Global Environment Outlook: GEO-6 Regional Assessment for Africa
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